CLIMBING-AI for Professional Climbers

As professional climber, use CLIMBING-AI to analyze the performance and compare it to competitors based on videos.

CLIMBING-AI for Broadcasters

As media broadcaster, use CLIMBING-AI to produce data driven analyses and improve the explainability of the sport to consumers.

How to use CLIMBING-AI

Self-Service AI Model for developers

CLIMBING-AI is an AI model, trained with lots of images of professional climbers. The model is able to estimate the pose of the climbers in 2D images. Download the AI model and integrate it in your software for free.

CLIMBING-AI Suite for everyone

The CLIMBING-AI Suite helps to analyze climbing videos. It is built on top of the AI model and provides modern analytics capabilties. More infos coming soon…

Florian Ries

Sports Analytics has the ability to revolutionize the world of sports by bringing the excitement directly to the people and to create an immersive experience for viewers.

With CLIMBING-AI, I provide a solution to analyze climbing motions and to monitor progress of the training. It is designed to help professional climbers or TV broadcasters to understand, explain and visualize body motion based on video input.