Abu-Dhabi Final Race 2020

It was an unusual season – lots of tracks on the calender we would not have expected at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, some really suprising teams made it onto the podium throughout the season, but one thing did not change – Mercedes kept its competitive advantage and dominated once again. Resulting in a constructor’s championship as well as the driver championship with Lewis Hamilton.

As Abu-Dhabi has been an all-Mercedes track over the last years, expectations towards the race were not very high – and suddenly – Red Bull with Max Verstappen took the chance to take pole position. Let’s see how the race data look like…


Except the Safety Car phase starting in Lap 10 (caused by Sergio Perez), there was not that much going on on track this race – So: Overall laptimes look pretty consistent…

The Top 4 Drivers

Taking a look at the top 4 Drivers (Verstappen, Bottas, Hamilton and Albon) and comparing the respective laptimes

Team-Mate Comparison Mercedes and Red Bull

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