Analyzing Questionable F1 Abu Dhabi 2021 Finale

The F1 Finale 2021 was surely one of the most discussable and questionable events of the year and in the F1 history. Eventhough the event is quite some time ago, but with the distance and neutrality I want to analyze the data on this finale of an overall spetacular season. There is no doubt, thatContinue reading “Analyzing Questionable F1 Abu Dhabi 2021 Finale”

Does Perez deserve the RB Seat and is he performing better than Albon last Year?

Part 1 – Qualifying Check The driver for the Red Bull seat alongside Max Verstappen was heavily discussed at the end of the 2020 season. Eventually, Sergio Perez (PER) got the seat and Alex Albon (ALB) was degraded to RB F1 reserve driver and DTM AlphaTauri Driver. After 17 rounds in 2021 and right bevoreContinue reading “Does Perez deserve the RB Seat and is he performing better than Albon last Year?”

Using Big Data Technologies to improve own Gaming

Esports is arising more and more and the desire to become a better gamer obsesses many of the engaged players outside. But taking it to the next level is not that easy and requires many hours of “work”. As data are already being used to achieve performance improvements in the “real world”, why should gamingContinue reading “Using Big Data Technologies to improve own Gaming”

Which of the F1 Teams has improved the most over winter?

The first race of the 2021 Formula 1 season was very exciting and had some incredible stories in it. Starting with Perez who went from last to fifth in an impressive comeback! Even though Mercedes won the Grand Prix and many people might say it was foreseeable, the weekend also revealed some weaknesses of theContinue reading “Which of the F1 Teams has improved the most over winter?”

5 Steps to a simple CI/CD Pipeline using GitLab, Docker and AWS

Automation is one of the biggest levers IT brings naturally with it. Really starting to make use of its advantages is another chapter and today I would like to go through the process of how to build a really simple CI/CD Pipeline using popular tools like GitLab, Docker and Amazon Web Services. Above a roughContinue reading “5 Steps to a simple CI/CD Pipeline using GitLab, Docker and AWS”

Predict Heart Failure with Logistic Regression

What causes heart failures and how to predict them? This questions can be answered using this dataset on Kaggle and apply explanatory statistics as well as machine learning algorithms. Starting the analysis by explaining the dataset: The dataset contains 299 observations with 13 variables. Target variable is DEATH_EVENT and is to be predicted. Let’s takeContinue reading “Predict Heart Failure with Logistic Regression”

What can Data of ~20’000 American Football Plays teach us?

NFL once again published a huge amount of data on Kaggle – free for Data Scientists to analyse and create insights. I wanted to know, what we actually can learn from the record of 20 000 plays of the 2018 season. Here we go… Overview The dataset contains the plays of 253 games between Sep.Continue reading “What can Data of ~20’000 American Football Plays teach us?”

Abu-Dhabi Final Race 2020

It was an unusual season – lots of tracks on the calender we would not have expected at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, some really suprising teams made it onto the podium throughout the season, but one thing did not change – Mercedes kept its competitive advantage and dominated once again. Resulting in aContinue reading “Abu-Dhabi Final Race 2020”

Battle for 3rd in the constructor’s championship 2020 – An Analysis

As Mercedes has once again managed to win the constructor’s championship and Red Bull being 2nd by far, all eyes are now on the battle for the 3rd place in the constructors championship. The most disappointing team in the season so far was definitely Ferrari, clearly underperforming the expectations. But are they able to gainContinue reading “Battle for 3rd in the constructor’s championship 2020 – An Analysis”