Analyzing Questionable F1 Abu Dhabi 2021 Finale

The F1 Finale 2021 was surely one of the most discussable and questionable events of the year and in the F1 history. Eventhough the event is quite some time ago, but with the distance and neutrality I want to analyze the data on this finale of an overall spetacular season. There is no doubt, thatContinue reading “Analyzing Questionable F1 Abu Dhabi 2021 Finale”

Using Big Data Technologies to improve own Gaming

Esports is arising more and more and the desire to become a better gamer obsesses many of the engaged players outside. But taking it to the next level is not that easy and requires many hours of “work”. As data are already being used to achieve performance improvements in the “real world”, why should gamingContinue reading “Using Big Data Technologies to improve own Gaming”