Battle for 3rd in the constructor’s championship 2020 – An Analysis

As Mercedes has once again managed to win the constructor’s championship and Red Bull being 2nd by far, all eyes are now on the battle for the 3rd place in the constructors championship. The most disappointing team in the season so far was definitely Ferrari, clearly underperforming the expectations. But are they able to gain towards the end of the season and fight back for 3rd? We will take a deeper look into the data…

Mercedes dominating the 2020 seson clearly

After 14 rounds in 2020, three teams are closely batteling for third place so far: Racing Point, McLaren Racing and Renault Racing. In recent races, Ferrari could gain points and catch up to the group of candidates for 3rd best team in F1. Taking a look into the 2019 season and comparing it with this year’s, we can clearly see how Ferrari’s performance has changed (red line).

Ferrari, 2nd best team in 2019

While Ferrari is loosing points in comparison to last season, the “best-of-the-rest-teams” have done there job and managed to increase there outcome per race weekend. The YoY comparison after round 14 shows, that Racing Point could improve the most and took most of the advantage of Ferrari’s weak performance.

All this is now resulting in an exciting battle for 3rd place. All of the teams have shown that are able to perform and to get onto the podium throughout the season. We can be curious who will actually make it and look forward to exciting last races of the 2020 season. I believe the battle for 3rd will last until the last lap of the last race…

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